Classes are held over a weekend from 1000 until 1630hrs both days. We teach small groups with a maximum of six to ensure there is sufficient kiln space.

What you will do? 

A weekend course covers all the basics in fused glass and slumping, ideal for those who want to start a new hobby using kiln fusing techniques. You can make jewellery, plates and bowls or tiles. You will work mainly with fuse able glass.
The projects covered on our glass fusing course start with a lesson in basic glass cutting, for those who are beginners, don’t worry, we will have you cutting sheets of glass with confidence in minutes!

We start by looking at making simple moulds from fibre paper and firing under float glass to add texture and detail, a really useful technique for any kiln glass artist. We then go on to making a bowl, working with fuse able glass. W fuse a blank and slump our bowl the following day. We also cover tack fusing and other exciting projects which are all backed up by printed information in your handbook, so you have a reference guide when creating your glass work in the future.

It’s a busy two days!

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