We offer a quality, affordable stained glass restoration and repair service, including the repair of broken panels and in-situ repairs. We provide free quotations, and  supply written estimates and church surveys for insurance purposes or grant applications.

Leaded panels unfortunately don’t last forever; they can be adversely affected by vibration, physical damage, shrinkage and expansion due to temperature changes, pollution and water damage. The effects can be broken leads, failing cement, loose and broken glass and a build-up of deposits making the glass dull or discoloured so an old window will probably need some repair work at some stage in its life.

This can entail full deconstruction and re-leading of the panel in question. As much of the original glass as possible will be retained and broken pieces will be replaced with the closest match available.

To repair a window will often cost the same as, or potentially more than the cost of making a new window from scratch due to the additional effort involved in finding matching glass, deconstruction, and cleaning of the pieces.

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